Axe Fx II Patches for "In A World Of Fear"

Image of Axe Fx II Patches for "In A World Of Fear"


New Axe Fx II patches from our new album "In A World Of Fear" in the newest firmware (Quantum 8.01)

These are the first patches we have done specifically for passive pickups.

"In A World Of Fear" Axe Fx II Bundle.
Main Clean
Main Distortion
Drop Tuning Distortion patch from "The Warden"
Main Lead
Low Gain Lead
Slap Low Gain
"Mass" Space Patch
"Astral Kids" Multi Delay
"Royal Orphan" Delay
Opal Bones "Static Patch"
"Dream12" Low Gain Lead Delay

You'll also get all future updates for the "In A World Of Fear" album patches as they become available with the most recent firmware.

Once you place an order check your email for download link (Note these specific patches will be emailed on or before May 19, 2017 when the album is released!

Feel free to email for help or any questions about the patches.