"Guitar Technique 360˚" for 6 String Guitar (print)


Printed copy of "Guitar Technique 360˚" features 60 brand new custom exercises that Chris has written out covering the following techniques:

Warm Ups

Hammer-on & Pull-offs



Hybrid Picking

String Skipping

Sweep Picking

Chord Exercises

Arpeggiating Chords

Position Shifts Using Slides

Rolling Bars

Economy Picking

Odd Meter

Double Picking Exercises


Speed Bursts

Grace Notes



Digital Version Available Here: Digital

All written for 6 string guitar, with proper fingering, pick strokes, and goal tempos.

This is not your typical technique book with a bunch of non melodic, unusable ideas. They are all melodic, which can be applied for song writing, improv, and everyday day guitar use. It's a perfect book for building your chops and mastering the fingerboard! Great for all styles of music, from classical to metal, rock, latin, jazz, and country.

They are also spiral bound, which makes it stay open when laying flat or on a music stand!