Setup Book for GUITAR & BASS! (print)

Image of Setup Book for GUITAR & BASS!  (print)


Printed copy comes with a FREE 64th Metal ruler needed for all proper setup steps throughout this book! A $20 value!

Digital Version Available Here: Digital

Instruments can not be setup by "feel" or by "eye", there are too many optical illusions created and inconsistencies using those methods. Instruments are best set up using math, hence the ruler. This book has all measurements listed for each part of your instrument. You can use this book to get every guitar or bass you own to play at its full potential!

"Chris Letchford's Pocket Guide To
6, 7, 8 string Guitar & Bass

Comes in a convenient 4 x 6 inch size, spiral bound, perfect to live in any and all guitar and bass cases.

• Setups for 6, 7 and 8 string Guitar, 4, 5, and 6 string Bass.
• Covers all styles of bridges (Floyd, Tune-a-matic, Hardtail, etc...)
• Removing old strings and proper cleaning
• Proper re-stringing techniques (including a trick for turning none locking tuners into locking with just a string winding technique)
• Setting truss rod
• Action height
• Intonation and pickup height
• Polishing frets
• Problem solving steps to help get rid of unwanted string and fret buzz.
• Comes with authors string gauge recommendations for different tunings, styles, genres, and more.
• General guitar care and maintenance