"The Migration" • Axe FX II Patches *NEW*

Image of "The Migration" • Axe FX II Patches *NEW*


Scale The Summit "The Migration"
Fractal - Axe FX II Patch Bundle
(Made with the newest Quantum Firmware)

Patch Features:
Main Distortion
Main Lead
Main Clean
"Odyssey" - Fast Delay
"Odyssey" -Space
"Odyssey" - Outro
"Atlas Novus" - Delay
"Atlas Novus" - Outro Delay
"The Olive Tree" - Intro
"The Dark Horse" - Intro
"Willow" - Spacey Delay
"The Traveler" - Vinyl Intro

You'll also get all future updates for the "The Migration" album patches as they become available with the most recent firmware.

Once you place an order check your email for download link.
Feel free to email for help or any questions about the patches.